In this video:
Step by step instruction on teaching food manners in various situations – including food at the table and on the ground. Detailed demonstration videos.

Define the line your dog can’t cross

 Your dog needs clear information that they can use to make decisions. 

If they cross, push/pull/place them back

So they understand where they can and can’t be in relation to your food. 

Teach in various situations

  • Sitting with food in your lap
  • Food at the table
  • Food on the ground

A few extra details:

Don’t say “okay!” when finished
• You would be saying “okay, take the food”

Teach with kindness and calmness
• Without any tension

If you wish to share your food with your dog, its okay
.• They will know the difference

It might be better if you share your food with your dog
• Then they trust they will be included 


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