In this video:
Tamryn demonstrates with Bryssa and Peasie how to use the hand signal only with Free Food and explains why it is important that our dogs recognize and respond to the hand signal (without the words) for Free Food recall. 


Does your dog respond to the hand signal without the Free Food word?

How to Test:

Once your dog has begun responding consistently to Free Food, try using the hand signal only - without saying Free Food.

  • Test when your dog is close-by and can see you.
  • Wave your closed fist high above your head, back and forth.
  • Do not speak.
  • Continue waving like this until your dog looks at you.
  • If they come to find you, give them food.
  • If they do not come to find you, go to them and give food. 

*It is important to make sure your dog responds to Free Food with the hand signal only. 


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