Session 1
Shamanic Dog Training overview
Mapping your dog & finding center
Leash Calming – calming exercise
Flat Hands – calming exercise

Session 2
Hard Boundaries & Intrinsic Teaching
Equipment Check: Collars

Session 3
Equipment Check: Harness & Leash
Leashwork Foundation

Session 4
Dynamic Equilibrium
Emergency Recall
Question & Answer

Session 5
Equipment Check: Grabbers & long lines
Recall: Approach
Leash Work: Standing still

Session 6
Question & Answer
Group Discussion

Session 7
Unconditional love
Recall - be a beacon
Leash Work – wedding march

Session 8
Recall – creating the 5 freedoms
Worst case scenario discussion and preparations

Session 9
Right Relationship (ayni)
Manners: The 4 agreements
STOP: Teaching the idea

Session 10
The Tools - speaking to your dog
Manners teaching
Teaching STOP - advanced lesson

Session 11
The Tools - Showing
Play Manners – Toys / keep away
STOP – Testing more components at once

Session 12:
Question and Answer
Group Discussion

Session 13:
Review - Body of Knowledge: Finding Center
Demonstration video – finding center
Noise Manners – barking

Session 14:
Shamanic Dog Training pyramid
Putting it all together – road safety
People Manners

Session 15:
Body of Technique - Skills Review
Putting it all together – training walk
Food Manners

Session 16:
Body of Knowledge- 5 Freedoms
Putting it all together – hard boundary at the scrap yard, hard boundary with 7 dogs at gate
Bonus Manners - other dogs


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