In this video:
Detailed instructions and demonstrations of how to address dog who play run-away / keep-away. Several strategies and options are presented to provide inspiration for you to work with your dog’s own unique version of run-away / keep-away.

The Goal of Run-Away / Keep-Away Manners Lesson

• Is not to win, especially at your dog’s expense
• Is not to make your dog feel bad for what they have done
• It is to connect and feel together through friendship
• It is to have fun together, rather than at your discomfort

The 6 Guidelines to Teaching Run-Away / Keep-Away Manners

1. Plan ahead
2. Don’t take it personally
3. Take your time
4. Trust your dog
5. Goal of connection
6. Never grab!

The 4 Strategies to Teaching Run-Away / Keep-Away Manners

1. Zombie Walk
2. Chase Me!
3. Play With Me!
4. Touch Without Grabbing

One Last Thing - Tupay

• Means to have full disclosure
• To be transparent about what you are doing
• Getting your dog at their expense – by distracting them, tricking them or bribing them – will only fuel their desire to out wit you next time
• Be honest - My intention is to catch you


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