Manners: Bossy and bratty noise making

In this video:
Explanation of noise manners and the factors are most important to consider while teaching noise manners. Demonstration videos provide specific examples of how the guidelines are applied.

Noise manners – tutorial description

Excessive sustained barking, whining and growling - due to excitement, playfulness or impatience.
This type of noise making is known as bossy and bratty noise making.

This tutorial is not addressing: barking, whining or growling related to a dog experiencing discomfort or distress in the world

Noise manners facts

It usually happens because they are excited, silly, playful and impatient

It is annoying - but they don’t do it on purpose

It is tempting to tell them your opinion – but telling them your opinion won’t change anything

Tools for teaching noise manners

Use kindness, showing and speaking

Gear for teaching noise manners

You need gear to teach noise manners because: 

  • You might need to catch your dog if they are good at avoiding you
  • You might need to avoid their teeth and paws once you've caught them

Gear you might need to use:

  • Collar
  • Harness
  • Grabber
  • Leash
  • Long line

Skills for teaching noise manners

These are the pre-requisites for teaching noise manners with your dog. 

  • Approach - you need to be able to get to your dog and place your hands on them.
  • Flat hands - to effectively hold your dog still
  • Leash calming - another option for getting your dog still

Teaching your dog noise manners

Note: your dog’s noise manners issue may be different than demonstrated in this tutorial.
You will most likely use these guidelines and suggestions to create your own lessons


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