Leashwork: Taking more steps in a lesson

In this video:
A graduation from the wedding march, taking more steps at once in a lesson.

More Steps in a Lesson

More steps in leashwork lessons requires more focus than the wedding march
There are more details to be aware of now that you and your dog are moving.

To provide clear feedback that is useable
Your dog needs to be able to create meaning for themselves about walking with you on a leash.

It’s harder to determine when to respond with feedback when you are in motion
At what point will you decide your dog needs information? At 10% pull? At 40% pull?

The lesson becomes a “moving target”
Teaching while both you and your dog are walking means watching many different pieces of information. 

The Art of Walking Lessons

  • Become as consistent as possible
  • Remember to teach in small increments
  • Commit to being precise
  • Only teach when you can focus fully on the lesson
  • Give yourself time


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