Flat Hands: Description and instructions


The Flat Hands exercise teaches your dog to stand still and calm whenever you touch them in this special way and hold them still.


Flat Hands, unlike Leash Calming, is not a timed event. That is, it is not practiced for a predetermined length of time.

Rather, it is practiced until a specific outcome is achieved: 

  • your dog is standing still
  • without leaning towards you or away from you
  • without straining to leave
  • without sitting or laying down
  • without nibbling or licking you

Flat Hands: why

Flat Hands are still and stationary, with no movement.

Your hands are normally touching your dog with cuddles, tickles, and play and petting. When you use Flat Hands to touch your dog, it is more clear to them that something special is happening, and they are more likely to notice your connection with them.

Flat Hands makes it more easy for your dog to notice you are interested in connecting with them.


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