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Tamryn shares instructions and demonstration on teaching Free Food. 

Free Food Definition:

A phrase and arm gesture that is the promise no-strings-attached food. Your dog does not have to do anything but come and get it.

No-strings-attached - your dog does not have to do anything once they get to you: not sit or be polite or look at you. They can be as rude as they like - even knock you right over or get you all muddy.

Free Food is a promise that forever means that your dog gets a cookie if they get to you. Every time you say Free Food, you will need to give your dog food. Forever.

Choosing Your Word:

• Choose a word that is unique and doesn't already have an important meaning to your dog.

• A word you are comfortable yelling in public

• Wherever "Free Food" is mentioned, insert your own Free Food word or phrase

Teaching: The 5 Cookie Drill

Practice 1-2 times a day, indoors, when everything is quiet and calm. 3-5 days in a row.

• Start with 5 small cookies - small enough for your dog to eat very quickly

• Stand right in front of your dog. Do not move around.

• Say "Free Food" while widely waving your closed fist back and forth high above your head. Do not say anything else.

• As you say the word and wave your hand above your head, put a cookie piece in your dog's mouth. Do not try to get your dog's attention. If they are looking away, just put the food in their mouth.

• Repeat for the remaining cookies, until  you've done all 5 pieces

Test: does your dog know Free Food?

Test whether your dog responds to your Free Food word.

• Get a cookie ready.

• Try it when your dog is in another part of the house - when nothing interesting is happening.

• Say your Free Food word once.

• Do they come running?

• If so - give the cookie. With no strings attached.

• If not - repeat the 5 Cookie Drill to remind them.

How to Use Free Food in Real Life

You need to keep the promise of Free Food.

• Carry food with you when you want to have Free Food as an option.

• If you don't have food, find food as soon as you can - and give your dog lots to make up for the delay.

• Never trick your dog with Free Food.

• Make sure it works! Test it when interesting things are happening to see if your dog comes for Free Food.


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