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The shamanic dog training that you see today is a thoughtful conglomeration of dog training, animal communication and shamanic practices. You don't need any background in either of those areas – just an openness and curiosity, and a willingness to learn this open-hearted approach to teaching your dog how to live in your world with you. 

You do not need to embark on any special journey or process, or become adept at animal communication or shamanic studies to become a master of shamanic dog training with your dog. It is so simple, and it is boiled down to its essence with such clarity and practicality that you will love how it fits so seamlessly into your daily life with your dog. 

How is shamanic dog training different? 

Shamanic dog training sees dogs from a whole new perspective – as conscious and aware beings who can learn to think for themselves and make independent decisions in everyday situations.

Where conventional dog training focuses on controlling dogs through positive or negative reinforcement, shamanic dog training uses intrinsic teaching to allow your dog to digest and process lessons and come to their own conclusions about what is being taught. When they learn the meaning and context behind the skills you want them to learn, they are so much more willing to participate with consciousness and awareness.

What does shamanic dog training teach?

You might be surprised to know that shamanic dog training teaches some pretty serious skills – which is actually to be expected, considering the freedom and levels of safety and trust we are trying to attain with it. In order to experience more freedom, you will need more discipline. Here is a list of the skills most commonly taught with shamanic dog training:
• Come when called
• Stop when asked
• Don’t pull on the leash
• Don’t leave the house or yard or vehicle without permission
• Be polite with people and don’t touch my things

Meet Skeena and Melanie

I honestly don’t know if we would still have him if it wasn’t for her intervention. The training I was implementing before Tamryn left me feeling disconnected from Skeena and from myself. 

Through practicing Tamryn’s teachings of unconditional love, fluidity and right relationship I have nurtured the most amazing relationship and deep connection with Skeena and her teachings have overflowed into other areas of my life. He is leading a more fulfilling life infused with love and understanding. I feel so grateful that this is his story because I know it could have turned out a lot differently."

~ Melanie with "Skeena"

Will I still get a well-behaved dog?

Your dog will be very “well-behaved” with shamanic dog training! It is like getting your cake and eating it too. You develop a deep and conscious connection with your dog – while also building skills that lead to a much more adventurous and enjoyable life together.

Not only will your dog be well behaved, but they will even be doing most of it all by themselves. Without you even asking them!! Intrinsic teaching, a cornerstone of shamanic dog training, shows you how to teach your dog their own set of responsibilities. This means they will know what to do, without the need for control or direction, in many everyday situations you come across together.

Is it easy to learn?

Shamanic dog training is easy and simple to learn. Its practical format means you will be including the work naturally in your everyday life, without the need to set aside much extra time to “do your homework”. It is meant to function right there in the real moment you are experiencing, without too much need for dress rehearsals and extra practice. It works best when you live with the tools naturally and incorporate them into your everyday moments.

Meet Max

(He's the guy on the right)

We took in Max as a rescue dog as his owners could no longer keep him, with the intent of finding him a new home. 

After I took him to the vets to get neutered, he bit my 20 year old daughter, as she tried to pet him. I was dismayed and worried that he might have a nasty temperament and that I'd have to put him down.

Feeling very sad, I decided to seek Tamryn's help. I have a new found understanding of how to be with them, and how to resolve issues in a more peaceful, loving and collaborative way.

Max is now a permanent member of our family, and he brings mischievous playful energy to my home. Tamryn herself is a kind, caring, patient, soul and wonderful to work with.”

~ Judy S. with "Max"

Will it work on aggression and behaviour problems?

Shamanic dog training is very helpful with aggression and other behaviour problems.
It works on 2 levels:

1. It offers practical effective skills to handle all the challenges that feel overwhelming, unpredictable and scary. You will have a full arsenal of tools, and know how to use them and when to use them – without feeling like you don’t know what to do when things get tough.

2. It empowers your dog to overcome their insecurities, their hot tempers, their confusion or frustration, and their difficult past experiences. Without using force, control, bribery or manipulation, your dog will receive the support they need to make the inner changes that lead to true transformation.

Shamanic dog training helps you work at it from both sides. Externally, you will be developing the safety net required to settle into a close-to-normal life with your dog. Internally, your dog will have the support and coaching to make the changes necessary to shift into a more grounded, centered, aware and conscious version of themselves.

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