She was digging in the back seat of the car. Trying to make a hole in the cushion so she could lay down in it. "Anieko, honey" I said, hoping she would hear me and

​They said “we’re doing some dog training” as we approached them on the trail. It was 2 women and their dogs. One dog was on leash and being held back. The other was greeting our

I was doing my thing – same old, same old. Walking off leash with Sophia and Anieko on the trails. Then a sequence of events culminated in what will stand out for me as the

Let’s say your dog loves rolling in cow shit. There. He’s done it. Cow shit all over the place. Can you understand why he’s done it? Can you fathom the joy he’s felt as he

Can we teach our dogs with unconditional love? Is it possible to tell them that we don’t like what they are doing without shaming or rejecting them? In traditional dog training, it feels important to

We said goodbye to Peasie last summer. Or rather, she said goodbye to us. We had 7 hours between learning that she was seriously ill and saying our final goodbyes. She had been a bloated

Peasie grew up chasing bears alongside her big sister Sidney, an Australian cattle dog with a fearlessness that made every bear they encountered turn and run. Or climb the nearest tree. Peasie just assumed that’s

A dog is a river flowing on a bed created by his experiences - experiences that are shaped almost entirely by the people in his life. Do we know the responsibility we carry as the

When things go sideways and your dog acts crazy, people say that if you are stressed, scared or overwhelmed, you will make things worse. You are supposed to be calm and level-headed, confident and unafraid.

Can you recognize when your dog is feeling overwhelmed or overstimulated? Do you know what to do when it happens?Stress signals are indicators dogs use when they are experiencing extremes of emotion and energy. They

Dogs possess expansive hearts, minds and spirits. They ex¬perience a full range of emotions, just as humans do. While each dog is unique, there exists a universal body language that ex¬presses certain ranges of feelings

My best friends are a motley crew,Full of fur and tails and whiskersWith only one outfit to wearEvery day of their lives​They couldn’t be more different from me, Liking things I have no interest in​With

Shamanic dog training teaches that dogs are our brothers and sisters, inviting us to build our relationship on the universal language and natural laws of ayni (right relationship), munay (unconditional love), and killary (fluidity). AyniAyni,

A free mind is unencumbered by the gruesome fear of punishment or the compelling need for reward; it is relaxed and open, clear and strong. It does not become agitated when something unfamiliar or unknown