August 11, 2020

The Base of Shamanic Dog Training

Shamanic dog training teaches that dogs are our brothers and sisters, inviting us to build our relationship on the universal language and natural laws of ayni (right relationship), munay (unconditional love), and killary (fluidity).

Ayni, or right relationship, teaches that both parties must benefit equally, be considered equal and be cared for equally. Ayni is loving-kindness, patience, and the infinite desire to ensure that your counterpart is as happy, fulfilled, safe and content as you are. 

Munay, or unconditional love, teaches that there is not any one (or two, or twenty, or forty) thing(s) that you must do to secure the love of your partner, or that your partner must do to secure your love for them. It eliminates the fear of rejection, sense of defensiveness and desire for approval from relationship, leaving only truth and joy and open communication.

Killary, or fluidity, teaches non-attachment to outcome. This is vastly different than indifference or “letting anything happen”. Instead, it is knowing that while you may wish for certain things to happen, they may not happen that way in the end. It is a freeing experience of not being disappointed, frustrated or embarrassed when things do not turn out as you or someone else promised or expected.

In shamanic dog training, these principles guide us as we teach practical lessons such as: come when you are called, don’t pull on the leash, be polite with people and don’t touch my things, don’t leave the house or yard or vehicle without permission, follow commands and stay connected when you are off-leash.

Shamanic dog training teaches you and your dog how to live together in harmony and with joy. It skips the corrections, conditioning, punishments, bribery and otherwise controlling parts and heads straight for co-operation, understanding and connection. 

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