Melanie and Skeena

He's a 1 1/2 yr old lab and malamute mix. 

"I don’t remember how I came across Tamryn’s website and Shamanic Dog Training. I wish I knew exactly what I typed into google that night that brought us to her. I imagine it was something along the lines of “intuitive dog training, BC”.

That night I was desperately looking for another way to live with our puppy. I had begun to notice that the more we stuck to a rigid, strict style of training the more he reacted and his behaviours escalated and the more I was afraid of this little puppy taking over and “dominating” us. 

It was in the moments where we softened we would catch glimpses of his sweet spirit and for that reason, I knew we couldn’t give up on him.

When I stumbled across Tamryn’s website it was truly a moment of grace. I read every single blog post she had written. After I finished I went back and re-read them all, I was enthralled with this new perspective and I knew I needed to get in touch immediately. It was a late phone call and I remember feeling a little crazy and impulsive but Tamryn was so kind, patient and understanding of our situation. I know that our phone call was serendipitous.

I honestly don’t know if we would still have him if it wasn’t for her intervention. 

Skeena is the most loving, kind and sensitive dog and on the flip side, it has meant that he can become overwhelmed by his emotions, new things, and different situations. He has a tendency to escalate in his behaviours without knowing how to come back down from it and relies on what he knows best to cope which is relentlessly biting at me. 

The training I was implementing before Tamryn left me feeling disconnected from Skeena and from myself. Through this other training style, I was taught to be inflexible, demanding, authoritative and overpowering. It wasn’t who I am in my day- to – day life and I hated that it was how I was being with my dog but at that time I didn’t know any other way existed.

See, Skeena forced us to find another way. He demanded through his behaviour that we find a different approach and I am immensely grateful to him for that. I’ve had to forgive myself for those early days with him – through the despair and hopelessness I wasn’t my best self but being someone I didn’t want to be made me so clearly know who I wanted to be for my dog. It is what allowed me to find that extra bit of grace, patience, and perseverance with Skeena when we were at the beginning of our Shamanic Dog Training journey.

Through practicing Tamryn’s teachings of unconditional love, fluidity and right relationship I have nurtured the most amazing relationship and deep connection with Skeena and her teachings have overflowed into other areas of my life. It has been an incredible catalyst for growth. Skeena still has the tendency to have meltdowns, he is 1 ½ years old now but I have so many more tools and such a better understanding and connection with him that we can more easily ride those waves.

I like to think that he has gained more tools through this too, and he is learning to regulate himself better on his own with our help. He is leading a more fulfilling life infused with love and understanding. I feel so grateful that this is his story because I know it could have turned out a lot differently."

~ Melanie, with "Skeena"