“It's time we start
thinking differently
about dog training”

~ Tamryn Fudge, The Shamanic Dog Trainer

“It's time we start
thinking differently
about dog training”

~ Tamryn Fudge, The Shamanic Dog Trainer

The future of dog training

The experts tell you that a perfectly trained dog is possible. That you should be able to cure the issue or attain the skill, and that you are going to arrive at the "finished product": your very own perfectly trained dog. 

When your dog doesn't perform as well as you hope, when your dog is out of control or not listening or unable to focus - do you blame yourself? Do you blame your dog?

Because if the training you are trying to succeed at isn't working - then the problem must be with you. Or your dog. Or both. Is that right? 

What if the issue is not with you, or with your dog? You are very smart and dedicated and intuitive and open. And your dog is wonderful and intelligent and capable and fun. Maybe instead, 
you need a new approach, an enlightened approach: a brand new dog training method.


Shamanic dog training is the answer to that question: how can I get beyond basic obedience training and into a more natural and freedom-centered life with my dog?

It brings together more about what you and I already know about our dogs: they are conscious, aware, and capable of so much more that performing obedience commands and waiting to be told what to do.

Shamanic dog training helps your dog think for themselves and participate more directly in their everyday life in the human world. It is a revolution in dog training, and you are in the right place to find out more!

Meet Jet

He's a 1 1/2 yr old Australian cattle dog. 

"I highly recommend working with Tamryn at Infinite Dog Shamanic Training. My spouse and I have worked with Tamryn and our young heeler multiple times and have found her methods to have been the absolute best.

We had seen a few different “trainers” attended a number of classes with them and we were not getting the response/relationship with our dog we had desired. It was a total mess to be honest. We were always frustrated and fighting with each other and frustrated we could not communicate with our dog. It was a very hard time.

Then we found Tamryn! After one phone consultation with her everything changed- for the better. We then attended her online work shop for assistance with off leash recall and it was amazing.

Everything Tamryn has taught us has helped us understand how our canine companion’s brain works. We then understood our dog in a way that the other training facilities were missing completely and in turn this changed our relationship with him for the better. 

We now interact with our dog on a much more connected level daily. Our dog is currently living his best life- now that we understand and can communicate with him in the way that he needs."
~ Kate and Colin, with Jet

Tamryn Fudge explains: 

How is Shamanic Dog Training different?

  • Tamryn herself is a kind, caring, patient, soul and wonderful to work with.”
    ~ Judy S. with “Max”
  • Tamryn... understands dogs and how to connect with them.”
    ~ Carly N. with “Malcolm”

About Tamryn

Tamryn has spent over 25 years finding a way to live with dogs the way she always dreamed of – with freedom, trust, safety and confidence. It started with a 5 ½ year apprenticeship with Kathy and Gary Gibson, focusing on aggression and behaviour problems.

Then she found animal communication, which opened the door for more connection and understanding. When Tamryn studied shamanic principles, she realized that they too have an important place in the life we build with our dogs.

Tamryn has developed her skills and teachings while helping thousands of dogs through pet sitting, foster dog parenting, dog daycare operation, animal shelter volunteer, group class instructor and private training provider.

She shares her experience and knowledge generously and finds fulfillment in helping dogs and their people live together with more understanding, more joy, more trust and more love.

The 5 Freedoms

Shamanic dog training teaches skills focused on helping you attain the 5 freedoms.

Simple lessons that fit right into your daily life, where you need them the most, will give you the flexibility and confidence to do more with your dog.

With a focus on function and practicality, your time learning shamanic dog training pays you back tenfold - building towards the real life you have always wanted most with your dog. 

off leash LIFESTYLE

take your dog anywhere off leash


you don't get worried or flustered


be best friends with your dog


take your dog everywhere with you

freedom lifestyle

do the things you want with your dog


Shamanic dog training is effective, practical and simple to apply to your daily with your dog at every stage of their lives. 


Start with the right stuff!
For your puppy and you to find the lifestyle that works best for you. Learn how to fit together and build the real life you want most.

Puppy teaching includes:
• House training
• Chewing
• Recall
• Manners
• Socializing
• Relationship Building


Your dog can learn how to think for themselves and go beyond the limitations of basic obedience. Take things further, find more freedom and enjoy more confidence.

Teaching for dogs includes:
• Manners
• Leash skills
• Recall
• STOP! command
• Hard boundaries
(don’t leave the house/yard/vehicle without permission)


Problems of every kind benefit from shamanic dog training. Teach your dog to develop inner calm and think for themselves, while building skills to support and coach them through the tough spots.

Teaching for problems such as:
• Aggression
• Shyness
• Anxiety
• Learning issues
• Unpredictablility
• Out of control
• Other problems

CBC Radio Interview

Meet Grady & KC

He's a silver lab and she's a black lab 

"My husband and I and our two fur babies started working with Tamryn in October 2019. We were completely out of ideas about how to train our dogs and had pretty much isolated ourselves to playing in the backyard and occasionally facing the horror of going to the dog park.

Walking was completely out of the question. Our youngest is very fearful and barks furiously at anything new or scary and our oldest is very outgoing and determined to get her way. With these two polar opposites you can see why we were struggling. We had almost given up and were missing out on great adventures.

Tamryn showed us how to develop loving relationships with our dogs and help them learn all the lessons needed to be good dog citizens.

Although we continue to struggle with Mr Fear Barking and Miss determined to decide her own path we are a happy cohesive family committed to being there for our pups when they need us to step up and assist.

Recently I bought my first pair of hiking boots to begin our outdoor lifestyle with our gang!

Thank you Tamryn!!"
~ Sue F. with "Grady" & "KC"

Free Mini Class

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Shamanic Dog Training 

  • Get 3 simple ideas to improve recall, leashwork and manners. 
  • PLUS a bonus tool for deepening your connection with your dog!