Judy and Max

He's a 2 1/2 yr old border collie and German shepherd mix 

" We took in Max as a rescue dog as his owners could no longer keep him, with the intent of finding him a new home. At that time he was an 18 month old border collie x German shepherd mix, with a warm friendly personality.

That changed after I took him to the vets to get neutered. Traumatized and feeling unsafe and abandoned, he snapped at the vet assistants. When he came home, his trust had been shattered, and he bit my 20 year old daughter, as she tried to pet him. I was dismayed and worried that he might have a nasty temperament and that I'd have to put him down.

Feeling very sad, I decided to seek Tamryn's help. My biggest insight was learning of Max's calming signals. Max, is a sweet, smart, joyful dog, and he actually gives lots of signals to inform when he is feeling uncomfortable. He is very sensitive and I've learned how to support him, especially when he meets new people, to rebuild his trust.

He has relaxed, knowing that I understand him better now, and that I have his back. I also have 2 other canine companions, a little dog Jypsy and a big Bernese big dog, Montana. Tamryn spent several days personally coaching me and my dogs. I have a new found understanding of how to be with them, and how to resolve issues in a more peaceful, loving and collaborative way.

Max is now a permanent member of our family, and he brings mischievous playful energy to my home. I am so grateful that Tamryn and her Shamanic dog training was available for me with her knowledge, experience, and abilities. Tamryn herself is a kind, caring, patient, soul and wonderful to work with.”

~ Judy S. with "Max"