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You and Your Dog As equals group program

This program is designed for full participation and full benefit for its members. Our groups are typically very intimate and supportive, with everyone present and available at each session. 

In order for you to get the most out this program, please take a moment to see if it is a good fit for you:

Are you interested learning new approaches to teaching and living with your dog?

This is not traditional obedience training. It is not just another way to teach obedience and commands.

We are going to focus much more on the relationship you and your dog have with each other. There is an emphasis on shamanic principles to support you and your dog with connection and communication.

The tools and lessons are designed to help you and your dog trust each other more. Most of the skills are taught so that your dog can think and choose for themselves. 

Do the teachings and practices of Shamanic Dog Training feel aligned to the way you want to live with your dog?

This program is designed to help you build an equal partnership with your dog. You will be asked to consider them just as much as you consider yourself in the process. Your dog will be seen and heard and supported for who they are, and so will you ♥

The teachings are simple and practical and they don't follow traditional ideas of dog training. Shamanic dog training helps us let go of control and shows us how to embrace fluidity, right relationship and unconditional love.  

Do you have time to practice and integrate the lessons and principles into your daily life with your dog?

There isn't a lot of homework for the program. It is meant to fit easily and seamlessly into your routine. When you explore the teachings and techniques with your dog, you will get so much more out of the program.  

We take each lesson step by step and you will have plenty of time to understand and master all the tools and skills. 

Will you be able to attend the live sessions?

The strength in the program comes from commitment of each member to attend and participate. You are an integral part of the group and we want you to be there at the sessions to contribute with your growth and your wisdom.

It works best if everyone is there and committed for each class. Of course, sometimes emergencies and unavoidable circumstances come up. If you can't attend a session, please let us know and the replay will absolutely be available.

Here are the dates again for your review: Thursdays at 9:30am PT  Sep 14, 21, 28  Oct 5, 12, 19, 26  Nov 2, 9, 16, 23, 30  Dec 7, 14 Jan 4, 11
(please check your local time zone to see if the classes will be at a different time (and date) for you)

If you answered "YES" to the questions above, this program is right for you!

We would love to have you join this group of people and dogs who share your values and goals. Please click below to continue to the registration process:

This is "Shanti", she's a deaf Australian cattle dog. 

This is what her mom, Nora, has to say about the program: 

"My lil gal and I were dealing with how to best “train” her overactive reactivity and impulsivity.

This work was different in that other professionals kept emphasizing the sit, down, heel etc or muzzle use but through this work I realize those are management tools not tools that always promote growth. The other aspect is the encouragement to realize that every dog should have the opportunity to enjoy varied experiences with as much freedom as possible with safeguards if needed.

I would highly recommend this course! I would encourage anyone considering the course to be open to learn and grow in their role as a human companion."

~ Nora V., Longmont Colorado

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If you have questions about the program or the approach or the instructor, etc. - Tamryn is available to talk with you and answer all of your questions (she's your instructor ♥).