Here's the rest of Marty and Diane & Rachel's story

"By and large, I’m not overzealous to see him reach so-called milestones behaviourally. He's a lovely boy, and we'll get where we need to. So here's some other points we compiled of shamanic dog training benefits:

  • Recognition of partnership with your dog, rather than hierarchal 'Owner/pet' dynamic.
  • Emphasis on individual needs, timelines and learning ways of each dog.
  • Practical tools and options in each lesson that address these variabilities.
  • The belief that your dog can, ultimately, learn to self-regulate and make wise decisions, and will flourish when intrinsic motivation is the priority. Unquestioned obedience is in itself not a goal.
  • Online classes and both small and large group interaction provides broader learning and support. Though we were initially unsure how this would work, it's far less distracting for both people and their dogs.

Also, Tamryn is very supportive and open, and is always willing to extensively address questions and concerns outside of class time."

~ Diane and Rachel M., Kamloops BC