More about Tamryn and shamanic dog training

Shamanic dog training is a combination of a very unique style of dog training, animal communication and shamanic principles.

The dog training she learned from Kathy and Gary Gibson during a 5 ½ year apprenticeship from 1996 to 2001. She is self-taught in animal communication, from various sources and several years of dedicated practice.

The shamanic practices she has learned from over 10 years of studying with Jose Luis Herrera and learning from the Q’ero shaman of Peru. She trained to become a mesa carrier and has carried on to advanced studies, which she still continues today.

All of this contributes to the programs she offers to likeminded people from all over the world. She shares her knowledge openly and generously. She teaches clients in one on one programs and also in her online group program.

She will soon be offering self-paced programs for people who can't make it to the live programs or participate in the one on one programs. 

Tamryn has passionately pursued this connection with dogs for the past 25 years. She says she’ll be pursuing it for another 25 years, or longer, if time permits.