A summary of lessons and teachings included in each session.  

Session 1
Shamanic Dog Training overview
Mapping your dog & finding center
Leash Calming – calming exercise
Flat Hands – calming exercise

Session 2
Hard Boundaries & Intrinsic Teaching
Equipment Check: Collars

Session 3
Hard Boundaries: More Examples
Body of Knowledge: 5 Freedoms
Equipment Check: Harnesses & Leashes
Recall: Free Food Recall

Session 4
Recall: Free Food Recall – hand signal only
Body of Knowledge: Leave your dog where they are
Leashwork: Avoid the YoYo
Leashwork: Walking up the leash

Session 5
Body of Knowledge: Build it in the place you want to do it
Recall: Play Recall
Leashwork: Using your feet, not your arms
Leashwork: Slowing and Towing

Session 6
Question & Answer
Group Discussion

Session 7
Body of Knowledge: Right Relationship
Recall: Approach
Equipment Check: Double ended leash & harness
Leashwork: First teaching lesson

Session 8
Body of Knowledge: Unconditional Love
Manners – Introduction
Leashwork: Taking more steps

Session 9
Body of Knowledge: Fluidity
Equipment Check: Long lines and grabbers
Leashwork: End result & what it looks like
Manners: Teaching manners

Session 10
Body of Knowledge: Speaking
Manners: Management & safety options
STOP: Intro & how to teach

Session 11
Body of Knowledge: Leave your dog where they are – mentally & emotionally
Manners – Video demo – teaching
STOP – the next step
Guest Speaker: Kathy Gibson

Session 12:
Question and Answer
Group Discussion

Session 13:
Body of Knowledge: Showing
Manners: Showing and the 4 Agreements (plus bonus)
STOP: The 4 parts

Session 14:
Body of Knowledge: Worst case scenarios
Recall: Be a beacon
Putting it all together

Session 15:
Body of Knowledge: Dynamic equilibrium
Skills review: Using dynamic equilibrium
Putting it all together: Hard Boundaries

Session 16:
Body of Knowledge: The 3 operating centers
Review: The 5 freedoms
Putting it all together: The 5 freedoms
Putting it all together: The shamanic dog training pyramid


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