Leave Your Dog Where They Are (physically): Working with a dog who freezes

In this video:
How to move a dog who is refusing to move and has frozen in place while leaving them in place (physically).

Working with a dog who freezes

Peasie freezes when she isn’t sure what is happening or doesn’t agree. She is small, and could just be picked up or dragged along. However, it is important to leave her where she is so she can work through her thoughts and opinions.

By leaving her where she is, a bit of pressure is used with the hands to request that she move in a certain direction. The pressure is offered not to overpower her, but to show her clearly what the intention is.

Once Peasie has processed the situation, she can agree to move in the direction that is desired. This way they are allowed to make their own choice, rather than simply being overpowered. 

Note: this demonstration is with a small dog. However, it is equally important to go through this process with dogs of all sizes. Particularly large dogs – who need to learn how to negotiate situations without resorting to using their strength to overpower.


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