Leashwork: The yo-yo and walking up the leash

In this video:
A discussion and video demonstration of walking up the leash. 

What is the YoYo?

When you are walking on leash with your dog and they are pulling you – it is tempting to pull back on them, to steady yourself or to bring your dog back towards you.

The result is you pulling on your dog, just as much as they are pulling on you. This is called the YoYo. 

Walking up the leash

To avoid the YoYo, instead of pulling your dog back towards you when you need to get close to them and put your hands on them for guidance or teaching, it is easier and faster to go to your dog. 

Leave your dog where they are

By walking up the leash, you leave your dog where they are. They don’t get pulled on, and you don’t perpetuate the YoYo. 


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